Take the Retirement $tress Test
Would your Financial Foundation survive the Big Bad Wolf?


stress test

Take this 15 question quiz to determine how your financial foundation would survive the Big Bad Wolf.

1. I am certain that my retirement income plan will protect my lifestyle regardless of stock market or interest rate conditions.


2. If you think that someone or some country could hack into important U.S. computers like a power grid, IRS or the Federal Reserve is your retirement plan prepared?


3. I have reviewed all available Long-Term Care possibilities…including the no-cost options (Triple Win, Kennedy-Kasselbaum Plan, Asset Backed Protection)?


4. I believe our government is getting more dysfunctional and I am aware of how to convert 30% of my IRA to a Roth IRA and still end up with the same account balance after paying the tax on the conversions?


5. I have peace of mind that I will not outlive my money?


6. I believe that the government will keep going into debt… I know I am paying the least amount of taxes legally possible?


7. I am positive my Power of Attorney will work with Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS?


8. I have had my home insurance agent fill out a home insurance checklist within the last two year to ensure my water damage and replacement cost have not changed.


9. I beleive either big banks and/or Wall Street are capable of making another big mistake and prepared for that?


10. I know how much within $100 I pay in tax as a result of my investments. The SATR plan used to reduce my tax I pay on investment income to below 1.7% has been fully explained to me?


11. I have reviewed all the hybrid investment techniques developed over the past 5 years?


12. If we have another major terrorist attack in the next several years my written retirement plan will hold up?


13. I feel that all the new techniques available (learned nothing new in this) to help me are fully explained by my financial institution each year?


14. I have utilized software to determine how much I will spend on health care insurance…above and beyond what medicare Med Supp Insurance will pay (not including LTC). I have a plan to reduce that cost without having to buy supplemental insurance?


15. Has you advisor been quoted in national financial media?  (Fox Business, Forbes, CNBC, etc.)


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