System working against you

You are a generation of good savers who is being punished for your hard work.  On top of this, each year the tax brackets go up a little bit so that they are adjusted for inflation.  This means the income needed to reach the 15% tax bracket goes up a little bit, the income needed …Read More

Questions for your Retirement Advisor

Choosing the right investment professional to help you plan your family’s future is a big decision. Most people consider a variety of different factors when interviewing potential financial advisors, from the testimonials of past clients to the firmness of their handshake. We understand. Inviting someone into the personal details of your financial life is a …Read More

Forrest Gump Financial Plan

I am about to dismantle almost everything you’ve been taught about investing.  People need to realize that they dont know what they dont know.  Let me give you an example by asking two simple questions:  What 2 colors make up the STOP sign? What 2 colors make up the YIELD sign? Did you get red …Read More

Retirement is like climbing a mountain

What is the objective of climbing up a mountain? To get to the top – well no. It is to climb up the mountain (accumulation) and then get back down safely (distribution). It requires to different kind of specialist and unfortunately most advisors focus on the accumulation phase of life. There are a lot of …Read More

Spiking prescription drug prices

Prescription drug prices are spiking, and even the insured aren’t immune to high out-of-pocket costs.  I sometimes joke that our medicine comes with a new side effect:  financial pain! One of the problems is consolidation.  After a decade of mergers, three companies control 40% of the generic drug market.  As a result, the average price …Read More

High Cost of TV

Is it me? Or does the cost of cable and satellite TV go up every single year! The average cable bill in this country is currently about $99 a month – that’s a rise of about 8% per year since 2010! I think that’s why a lot of people have turned to things like Netflix, …Read More

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Talk about a catch-22!! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is supposed to reduce your risk of illness and lower your healthcare costs. And while living a healthy lifestyle does help to reduce your annual healthcare bills, that same lifestyle generally promotes longevity, which may translate to higher total healthcare expenditures over a longer lifetime! Healthcare costs …Read More

mutual funds

Mutual Funds Taxes

Taxes in mutual funds are bound to become a bigger and bigger issue as the government faces its deficit.  Here is a basic investment tip you can pass along to help your clients keep their tax bill as low as possible: Make sure that investments that generate a lot of short term gains and ordinary …Read More

homeowner's insurance

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover the roof over your head?

Check your homeowner’s insurance…especially if you’ve been hit hard by wind and hail lately.   You may have a gaping hole in your roof insurance coverage without even knowing it. Many insurers are dialing back the roof coverage portion of their home insurance, and many of those changes to existing policies go unnoticed by consumers. The …Read More

IRS scammers

IRS Scammers

Recently we have received phone calls from our Clients stating they have just received a demanding phone call from the IRS that they owe taxes for this year or previous years. Below is information from the IRS website, discussing aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals impersonating IRS agents: Scammers make unsolicited calls claiming to …Read More